Cable Harnesses and Conductor Bundles

NP CAPELEC manufactures cable harnesses and conductor bundles for many markets (automotive, energy, electronics, etc.). It covers all operations (cutting, crimping, splicing, overmolding, etc.) on 0.08 to 16 mm² wires and cables.

Since 1993, NP CAPELEC has specialized in manufacturing cable harnesses and conductor bundles.

NP CAPELEC processing includes:


  • Cutting, de-sheathing and stripping of cables (< 16 mm²)
  • Semi-automatic crimping under integrated control
  • Harness production
  • Taped and sheathed assembly
  • Testing
  • Splicing of axial and radial components
  • Taped and sheathed assembly of sub-assemblies.
  • Product protection: low pressure hot overmolding (hot melt polyamide resin)

Through our European and North African operations, we offer our customers local production, featuring optimized labor costs.