Fabrication additiv

Geared to meet the needs of its customers, AIP has invested in the latest 3D printing technology, using a powerful laser beam system, enabling ultra-precise positioning on the production platform to selectively merge polymer powders in areas defined by CAD data.

With 30 years of experience in aerospace, medical and industrial applications, AIP has the experience and expertise to deal with complex and innovative projects, including the design, development and production of additive manufactured parts.


The benefits

• Total design freedom

• Manufacturing of resistant, accurate and durable plastic parts

• Short lead time compared to traditional technologies



The applications

• Prototypes

• Functional validation

• Manufacture of small and medium series

• Assembly and spare parts solutions



The parts

• Material PA2241FR fireproof fire / smoke resistant (PA 12) components

• Net Capacity of 320 * 320 * 580mm


Additive Manufacturing does not generate any non-recurrent costs.