Springs and wire forming

For over 80 years, NP SIMONIN, a SINTEX NP Group subsidiary, has been manufacturing all types of springs using 0.1 to 16 mm diameter wires. SIMONIN processes all types of materials and profiles to produce small and large series (up to several million parts annually).

On the strength of the company’s 80+ years in the wire forming business – for industry and watchmaking – it designs and manufactures every type of spring and all wire-formed parts.

NP SIMONIN manufactures a full range of springs: compression, tension, torsion, double coil, contiguous spire, ground, conical, flat, etc.

Common characteristics of springs and wire parts:

  • Wire diameter: 0.01 to 12 mm
  • Raw material: round or square wire, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, etc.
  • Treatment: thermal, surface (zinc coating, cataphoresis), degreasing, etc.
  • Quantity: prototype to large series (several million parts/year).

Packaging: bulk, thermoformed trays, tube, etc.