Thermoset injection and compression molding

Thermoset applications have been at the core of SINTEX NP Group operations for over 80 years and the company is today a European leader in injection and compression molding. Equipped with injection presses of up to 650 T and compression presses of up to 1000 T, SINTEX NP transforms most polymers and
thermosets by both injection and compression, including SMC/BMC (polyester or vinylester), phenolic (PF), epoxy, PI thermosets, melamine, etc.

SINTEX NP masters processing lines that are for the most part extensively automated:

- Robot-controlled deflashing

- Overmolding of inserts

- Powder in Mold Coating (PiMC) 

Materials transformed:

Polyester (BMC and SMC), PF, Melamine, Epoxy, DAP, Polyimide, etc.